Engagement Through Art
Empowering communities to promote social change and education through the arts

Why Murals?

Murals promote inclusion and engagement of different
social groups while strengthening a sense of community. It's through contact and working together towards a common goal that relationships are fostered, ultimately reducing prejudice and promoting equality.

A growing body of research has positively identified murals with social, cultural, and economic benefits. Public art initiatives have been identified as an equity-advancement strategy for economic development of populations at risk of displacement.

 Through visual atheistic, murals promote a sense of belonging, and attachment, strengthening connection to positive community identity. Many creative place-making initiatives revolve around public art and murals.

Service Learning Mural Youth Projects

Art is a creative tool which can be used to express community values, encourage civic engagement and enhance community involvement.

Educational Workshops

Students learn about the history of murals and how they are being used today to promote social change. 

Social Justice Expressions

The design process will be open for students to create and voice community issues which are relevant to them.

Community Paint Day

Students work with community members, friends and family to complete mural designs.

Interested in bringing this experience to your school or youth organization?

I am actively seeking opportunities to expand my research in service learning art experiences. Please contact me to discuss possible partnerships.

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